Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheese Sauce

On Wednesday,I've learned how to make cheese sauce from my lovely gorgeous housemate[hehe] while seeing her made lasagna(one of most famous and delicious Italian food).


Cheese sauce :


-200g Cheese
-A teaspoon of flour


-First,heat the milk for 4-5 minutes.
-Keep the heat low.
-Gradually,add the cheese a little at a time.Mix them thoroughly after each addition.
-Stir constantly to make the sauce smooth.Any lumps now,and you as well give up!
-Once the cheese has melted,add flour to form it into smooth paste.
-Wait it to boil

Its now ready to serve with lasagna or macaroni.You can change the recipe to make it tastier.Maybe by adding origano/chicken stock etc.


princess said...

waaaaaah sedaaaapnye wawa!!!!! meh la hntr mesir sket.. :D


Nasuha Zuraidi said...

hoho...itu cik-un punye idea..mmg sedap!ummph!
nnti ak hntar ekk...hehe

shuk said...

eh bakpo tetiba kecek language kapong kita?

Nasuha Zuraidi said... was a mistake dear..i forgot that i should give comment in English..hak3