Monday, December 7, 2009

Mouthwash : Benefits & How To Use It


 Mouthwash.What is it?
An antiseptic solution used for cleaning the mouth and freshening the breath.Also called collutory.


1.Freshen your mouth : Mouthwash comes in many flavors that will simply leaves a taste in your mouth.Besides,it contains chlorophyllins that helps in controlling bad breath(commonly known as halitosis)

2.Kill germs : Chemically,one of it's ingredients is 0.2 percent of  chlorohexidine(one of antimicrobial agent) that will disrupt bacterial's cell wall and kill them.Furthermore,mouthwash comes in liquid.So,it will easily reach hard place in mouth and effectively clean your oral cavity.

3.Remove food debris : People tend to use dental floss to clean their teeth after eating.Mouthwash is an alternative for those who do not have enough time to floss.Although it does not do a good job like flossing,but at least it helps in loosening and cleaning food debris in a short time.

4.Prevent caries : It contain fluorides that will reduce caries risk rate.Besides,mouthwash can remove food debris,so it also play an important role in remove plaque that will cause cavities.

How to use it?

1.Use it two or three times daily.
2.Gargle(bubbles liquid in mouth)10ml of mouthwash about 1 minute.
3.Brush your teeth before gargling to avoid staining(one of chlorohexidine side-effect)

4.DO NOT dilute your mouthwash.
5.DO NOT rinse your oral cavity after gargling and drink anything within 30 MINUTES.
6.DO NOT swallow the liquid after gargling.(imagine your mouth full with bacteria+antiseptic liquid+food want to swallow it??..eee..yekss)

Source : Pharmacology lecture(Monday,7 December)
              Medical definition dictionary

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